Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi

We provide a 5-star class full-service experience.
Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi is supported by top-notch staff to ensure your journey is comfortable. We welcome you with the highest hospitality and promise a clean and secure stay.
We will support you for a better stay.
At Hotel Arcrich Toyohashi, our team of dedicated staff works together to ensure that your stay at the hotel is enjoyable. We look forward to the day we can meet you in Toyohashi.
Experienced staff for the best hospitality
Our seasoned staff will attend to various needs you may have. Please feel free to reach out if you encounter any challenges. We strive to provide top-notch service and hospitality by assembling professionals in both service and cuisine.
24-hour front desk
Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi operates a 24-hour front desk. Feel free to consult us anytime if you encounter any issues.
Clean public areas
Our cleaning staff consistently maintains the hotel in pristine condition. Public spaces such as the lobby and toilets exude cleanliness, providing a comfortable environment for your use.
Delicious breakfast with abundant ingredients
A beautiful day of travel begins with a delicious breakfast. Abundant dishes include salads made with fresh vegetables, egg dishes, and freshly baked bread from the hotel bakery. The breakfast, highly popular among guests, features a variety of options.
Club Lounge available for guests
The only Club Lounge in the Higashi-Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture is accessible to hotel guests. Enjoy a comfortable time with complimentary drinks.
Comprehensive amenities
All essential amenities, including towels, shampoo, and toothbrushes, are provided. The Executive Floor offers additional amenities from the local cosmetics brand 'Waphyto.'
Locally sourced dishes
The Higashi-Mikawa region boasts natural landscapes such as mountains and seas, providing a variety of harvested ingredients. In our restaurants, you can savor dishes made with locally sourced fresh ingredients.
Trusted 'SALA Group'
'SALA' is a company that supports infrastructure in the Higashi-Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture and the Enshu region of Shizuoka Prefecture. With over 110 years of history, the group is committed to sustainability, including environmental conservation. Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi is a proud member of the SALA Group.