Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi

"Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi" is just a 1-minute walk from Toyohashi Station.
A designer hotel that seamlessly blends art with the highest level of hospitality.
Toyohashi City is located in the Eastern Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture.
It is easily accessible from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
The Eastern Mikawa and Toyohashi areas thrive with various industries,offering numerous tourist attractions and delicious local ingredients.
Staying here will provide you with a special time and unforgettable memories.
The hotel interior features various paintings, interiors, and books, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of an art museum.
Meticulously designed and sophisticated, the spacious rooms allow you to relax as if you were at home.
At "RESTAURANT KEI," you can enjoy a French course using fresh ingredients from the Eastern Mikawa region, accompanied by views from the 16th floor.
Tourist Attractions
Toyohashi City offers many must-visit tourist spots.
With unique streetcars running and bustling with tourists,especially during the summer as the birthplace of hand-held fireworks.
At Yoshida Castle and Futagawashuku, you can delve into Toyohashi's history.
Akumi Kobe Shinmei Shrine
Every year on February 11th, the "Demon Festival" is held, famous for the ritual of teasing the red ogre and tengu. This festival is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of the country, and the precincts are bustling with many spectators.
In the Tokai region, Toyohashi City is the only town with a running Tram. Along the 5.4km route, there are buildings and festivals that evoke history and tradition, making it utilized for tourism.
Hand-Held Fireworks
Hand-held fireworks, said to originate from the birthplace of bridges, are a unique fireworks of the Higashi-Mikawa region. It involves wrapping a rope around a bamboo tube with a diameter of 10cm and a length of about 80cm, removing sections, and filling it with gunpowder mixed with iron powder to spout.
Nonhoi Park
A comprehensive park covering about 40 hectares consisting of a zoo, botanical garden, amusement park, and natural history museum.
Yoshida Castle
Yoshida Castle, formerly known as Imahashi Castle built in 1505, was later renamed. Currently, a restored iron turret stands along the Toyokawa River, rebuilt in 1954.
Toyohashi City Public Hall
Built in 1931, this Romanesque-style building with a dome and a symbol of an eagle is a nationally designated registered cultural property that Toyohashi takes pride in.
Tokaido Futagawa-shuku is the 33rd post station from Edo Nihonbashi. Traces of the old post-town remain scattered throughout. Futagawa-shuku is the only post-town in Japan where you can visit three places: honjin (main inn), ryokan (inn), and shokudo (commercial house).
Waterfront Buildings
A group of three divided buildings passing right next to the hotel. It is a very unusual structure passing over a waterway, offering a mysterious atmosphere with a mix of old and new stores.
Prime Location
Approximately 2 hours from Tokyo, 30 minutes from Nagoya, and about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Osaka. Centrally located in Japan, Toyohashi City is easily accessible from various cities.
Relax in the Club Lounge
The only club lounge in Eastern Mikawa available to guests as well. You can spend the best time while overlooking the city of Toyohashi in a sophisticated space.
Full-Service Hotel
24-hour front desk service. English-speaking staff is available, ensuring the best stay experience for you.
Beautiful Ingredients and Cuisine
Eastern Mikawa boasts many fresh and delicious ingredients. In the restaurant, you can experience the four seasons of Japan with dishes that make abundant use of these ingredients.