Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi

Enjoy the finest facilities and space with a 30-minute access from Nagoya.
Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi is directly connected to Toyohashi Station, and you can reach it within a 1-minute walk.
The excellently designed facility is equipped with top-notch amenities, allowing you to spend comfortable and satisfying moments.
Located in the heart of the Higashi-Mikawa region, with direct access to Toyohashi Station, providing excellent accessibility.
Just a 1-minute walk from Toyohashi Station, so you won't get lost. The area around Toyohashi Station has a lively downtown area with numerous restaurants and eateries. With various transportation options such as Shinkansen, trains, and buses, it is an ideal starting point for your journey.
Rooms overlooking Toyohashi City.
Situated on the upper floors of the hotel, offering rooms with a panoramic view of Toyohashi City. With 91 rooms to choose from, you can observe the lives and cultures of the people from various perspectives. Select the room that best suits your needs.
Locally sourced dining.
In the vast natural surroundings of the Higashi-Mikawa region, abundant local ingredients are available. At the hotel's main dining, "RESTAURANT KEI," you can savor French cuisine centered around local ingredients. "THE GARDEN" features a bar where you can enjoy Toyohashi's nightlife.
The only Club Lounge in Higashi-Mikawa.
The Club Lounge, exclusive to hotel guests, exhibits various art pieces. With complimentary drinks, it serves as a relaxing space to unwind from the fatigue of your journey.
Fully equipped fitness room.
The Club Lounge includes a fitness room. Exercise while enjoying a view of Toyohashi's cityscape from the 15th floor.