Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi

Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi is
a hotel that integrates art.
Throughout the hotel, numerous artworks from artists associated with Toyohashi are exhibited.
Guests can appreciate art in various locations such as the front desk, guest rooms, and restaurants.
Welcome to a healing space designed like an art museum, where the entire hotel focuses on artistic design.
Morio Matsui(1942-2022)
Morio Matsui
Born in 1942 in Toyohashi, after graduating from Musashino Art University with a major in oil painting in 1967, he studied abroad in France as a French government scholarship student. He later established his artistic activities in France, residing on Corsica Island from 1998. In 2008, he founded an atelier on the Goto Islands in Nagasaki (Kuga Island). He became the first Japanese person to receive the Order of Arts and Letters (Chevalier) in 2000 and the Legion of Honour (Chevalier) in 2003 in France.
Seijiro Mori(1921-2004)
Born in 1921 in Murakita Village, Aichi (now Shinden-cho, Toyohashi City). Entered Tokyo School of Fine Arts, Department of Drawing in 1939, later joining the Koto-kai group. First exhibited at the Kofukai in 1948, with three pieces selected. In 1950, his work "Nakano Association Hospital" was selected for the 6th Nitten exhibition. Traveled to Europe in 1957. After returning, he actively exhibited works, gaining high praise for his expressive abilities. The piece "Flow of Garutampu" on the 16th floor of Hotel Arc Riche was selected at the 10th Shin Nitten in 1967.
Ryu Kosaka
Born in Tokyo in 1960. Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Musashino Art University. Currently serving as the Creative Director at Nomura Kougei Sha, Commercial Environment Company A.N.D. Responsible for the interior basic design of Hotel Arc Riche. Among his notable works are the main dining area of "Mandarin Oriental Tokyo," environmental design for "Shin Marunouchi Building," and numerous restaurants and hotels, including "WITH THE STYLE Fukuoka."
Osamu Nagahama
Photographer born in Nagoya in 1941. After graduating from Tama Art University's Sculpture Department, he joined AD Center in 1964 and became a freelancer in 1965. Active in a wide range of fields, including fashion, advertising, and portraits. Participated in the photography of the 16th floor of Hotel Arc Riche depicting Toyohashi's townscape and on-site shooting for CocoLa Front. Representative works include "Angel of Hell" and "My Blues Road."
Takao Kitayama
Kitayama Creative Research Institute/Producer. Involved in the production of the Toyohashi Station Front Redevelopment Project, including "CocoLaFront" and "Hotel Arc Riche." Other notable projects include "BLOCK 30," "ON AIR," "Sun Street Kameido," "Asunal Kanayama," "Yokohama Bay Quarter," and many more. Authored works such as "24365 Tokyo" and "Kono Machi ni Kurashitai Uzurumachi." Awarded the Mainichi Design Award in 2008.
Yoshitaka Haba
Book director. Started the production of the library at Hotel Arc Riche and the specialized travel bookstore 'BOOK246.' Involved in book direction for apparel shop 'LOVELESS,' interior shop 'CIBONE,' "TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI" at Roppongi Hills, and the museum shop 'SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO' at the National Art Center.
33 people's art
In all the rooms of Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi, artworks by 33 creators from various fields are displayed. These pieces seamlessly blend into the rooms, welcoming guests as an integral part of the space.